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Igualdade nos esportes em todo o mundo
IFSPT - quarta, 26 de junho de 2019

Women´s World Cup is on! The big news is that there is a feeling that womens' sports are finally becoming front and center in the world view. However, why don't the wages and sponsorships reflect this new reality? Well, that´s what Marta Vieira da Silva is questioning with her Go Equal movement. She aims to raise awareness of the financial disparity between genders. Marta holds the record for most goals scored at both the men´s and women´s FIFA World Cup tournaments, and she is the only footballer of any gender to score at five different World Cup competitions. 

Katherine and Marta show their support for the GoEqual Movement!

Fact: In the level of investment and coverage, female sports remain well behind male sports. One estimate found that between 2011 and 2013, women's sports sponsorships accounted for just 0.4% of all sports sponsorships.


Fact: the number of women's sport sponsorship deals increased by 47% between 2013 and 2017, with the average deal size rising by 38% during this period. (Marketing Week)


Fact: Almost half of the professional players around the world have to abandon their careers to work in a field that pays enough to care for their family. This scenario is particularly common for female athletes.

(source: FIFPro Global Employment Report)


"We are passionate about soccer. We watch it. We cheer. We buy soccer shoes, and we go to the field. However, for any sport to grow, support is needed. If the brands that make this sport so incredible do not believe in us, how can we all believe in the future of women in sports? It's not about comparing. It's about valuing. Millions. Billions of women around the world that practice sports every day. They dream of being recognized. So they are not going to rest until they play this game. Are you coming with us?"    

- Instagram post for #GoEqual